Put on your dust jackets, it's the
mattscott5000 Archive!

\/3r5|0n XXX [October 4, 2002] - Special Mattscott5000 Gets Hax0red edition

Version 1.6.2 [October 2, 2002] - Middle East Crisis edition

Version 1.6 [April 5, 2002] - Special Going to Washington edition!!!!!!

Version 1.5 [December 10, 2001] - Special Halloween edition!!!

Version 1.1.3 [October 25, 2001] - Hovers added for your pleasure!!!!!

Version 1.1.2 [September 15, 2001] - mattscott5000 Archive launched.

Version 1.1.1 [September 12-14, 2001] - "BOYNTON" and "Multimedia Politics" pages added to Matt and Scott's respective panels, calming a public concerned that there would not be content creation while mattscott was in class. Version number and date updated now dispay on main page. Daily Scholarly Inspiration™ splits into two panels to allow for double the inspiration.

Version 1.1 - Daily Scholarly Inspiration™ and the Daily Tracy Rating™ modules are launched. Text links added to the homepage to supplement the links embedded in our pictures, making site navigation less confusing for fbroz.

Version 1.0 - The first major upgrade. Content was created, and there was the promise of more content to come.