Here are some pages I like to visit when I'm in cyberspace

Link Description
MyTungsten.NET Delightfully witty social commentary of the absolute highest degree. NetNanny approved!
Oculon Proud member of the Content Network Webring!
What the jazz is all about Stupid list of shitty live recordings. NetNanny DISapproved!
¡Viva la berger! Live action shots of my FORMER place of work. Watch for flying butts and sarcastic weiners. (including Sarcastic Mattbot's Super Sarcastic Website 5000) Special place to recognize all those special people who make life a little more...special.
.Frank (a.k.a. Content > Fluf) Renegade content provider who plays by his own rules.
Iversys There's a decent chance that someday this site might have something on it.