"Open Mic Night in Apt. 614"
"Sharing a Moment with the Boys"

A play in three acts
by mattbot 5000
March-April 2002




THE SCENE: three roommates (DALI, JUSTINAS and JORGE) flip through channels on TV, seated stage right on two couches. Our hero sits at the computer behind them, stage left, at the dining room table, relentlessly typing his assignments for the upcoming week. MATTBOT hears raucous laughter and looks up to find his roommates making fun of TV. The dial has stopped on a program that teaches elementary French to viewers.

THE SCENE ON TV: woman is seated at an outdoor café with another girl, teaching her basic French words. A man in short shorts enters the picture and sits down next to the older woman.

DALI, assuming the voice of the man who just sat next to the French woman: "Hey baby, how's it going?" (to girl) Get lost, kid."

DALI, JUSTINAS, and JORGE share a sustained laugh. As laughter begins to die down,

MATTBOT: "Looks like the word of the day is menage-a-trois!"

Ten full seconds of silence, followed by