Urinator's Log, January 14, 2002


URINATOR'S LOG. Jan 14, 2002, 9:30 am: Entry #1

This morning's first jaunt to the basement bathroom proved typical in most regards. I found myself alone in the room save for the first stall, which was occupied (as it usually is during the morning hours) by a person who shall remain nameless. My stride to Urinal #1 was unimpeded by obstacles and I had neither a problem commencing nor quitting the task at hand. Hand washing was fairly normal, under the silent observation of the man in stall #1 (as most occupants of the stalls are, this man wanted his privacy and was not about to strike up a conversation with me). Hand-drying was successful and I returned to work refreshed.

URINATOR'S LOG. Jan 14, 2002, 9:55 am: Entry #2

Upon arrival in the Weeg bathroom, I was greeted with the typical stench of uncirculated bathroom air mixed with the familiar covered-up smoke smell. The first stall was open this time. However, the second stall was occupied, with the door curiously ajar at a rather wide angle. Assuming my spot at Urinal #1, I began my business. Washing hands proved to be a sticky spot, as my position at the sink left me an uncomfortably easy view in the mirror of the occupant of stall #2 (what with his door ajar and all). I made a hasty retreat from the Weeg bathroom with hands still quite wet.

URINATOR'S LOG: Jan 14, 2002, 10:35 am: Entry #3

The unusually large coffee I purchased this morning at Kum and Go (since I spilled my first mug all over my blue shirt before ever leaving my apartment) is certainly wreaking havoc on my bladder. The third trip to the bathroom in just over an hour saw optimum conditions. One slight point of interest - the door to the fourth stall (handicapped, scratched up) was closed. Standing in my spot at the first urinal, I did the ol' glance around to see if I could spy any feet poking out from under the fourth stall -- there were none. Free to make all the noise I pleased, I decided then and there that this was by far the most pleasing trip to the Weeg bathroom so far today. The third time was indeed a charm. Hand washing went well, nothing unusual to report.