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The Motorola Moles: October 19-23, 2001

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Last Updated: Friday October 26, 10:00 AM CDT

The Motorola Moles: An Exercise in Rumor-Mongering

The Rumor and How We Spread It

For decades we had dreamed of sticking it to The Man while simultaneously fighting back for the Mac. One dark and not-so-stormy night in mid-October we realized this dream. Read on...

After a late night of homework, the boys at MattScott5000 needed to unwind. And what better way to unwind than through a heavy dose of practical jokery. We had long suspected that Mac OS Rumors was less than thorough in investigating their sources - we ran with this. Armed only with a Hotmail account, an industry insider who shall be known only as "Babydoll," and our own drunken sense of power (or was that caffeine?), we aimed to snuggle up to the bosom of the Mac OS rumor world.

After an intense fit of collaboration and content creation, we put the proverbial pen to the paper and/or rubber to the road and/or nose to the grindstone. What you'll find below is a textbook example of how a rumor is constructed, interpreted, and proliferated. Without further ado, we present to you The Motorola Moles: An Exercise in Rumor-Mongering

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