Here are some examples of why the Information SuperHighway is such a great tool!

Link Description The World's Best Content (it's coming soon) brought to you by yours truly My girlfriend and content Mistress. Matt's (of MattScott5000 fame) website
Mattbot 5000's Sarcastic Weiners I am a weiner and you can be too!
***My*** ***Newly redesigned, Thank God*** Robert owns Oculon (home of the rant), the Pen15club (home of the Pen15) and The Ocuforums (home of crap), and Morton Dexter Beals (home of chicks)
.Frank Don't worry, he didn't pay for .crap. Look for fluff.

*** Denotes websites which ARE NOT part of the Content Webring
*Note: If you are not listed here, I probably do not see you as a real person.