My fantastic girlfriend and I were out walking at the Coralville Reservoir. This map is a highly accurate reproduction of our journey. Can you figure out where we made our finding?
Here is the first glimpse of our finding. You can see the serrated lower edge and the upper attachment zone. We know that this area of the United States was once a shark haven, but the surprise of finding such a pristine sample was too much to contain.
We had a party later that night.
Fighting a nasty hangover, I scanned the fossil again. I want you to observe the grayish brown coloration. This phenomenon is caused by the unique tannins that can be found in Devonian fossil beds. Thousands of years ago, the this area was covered by ferns, killer dragonflies and saber toothed rabbits. Those ain't no ordinary rabbits.

Shark teeth are cool, but if we keep killing them, there will be no more fossils for our children to find. Remember this simple equation

Shark Teeth>Shark Fin Soup.