MattScott5000 announces Y2K04 compatibility

Co-founders Scott Iverson and Matt Raw work hard and play hard.

IOWA CITY (AP) -- In a much-anticipated move, the staff of MattScott5000 registered the domain for two years, ensuring that the internet would remain content-rich into 2004. "I really am super-excited about the move," said co-founder and Executive Content Liasion Scott Iverson at the press conference. "I mean, really, this opens all sorts of doors for us -- full Google caching, e-mail addresses that don't end in, and the full complement of busty ladies that come with the .com boom." Though visibly less excited, co-founder Matt Raw could be seen wolfing down free carrots, dip, and champagne at the launch party/press conference on Thursday. When asked for his thoughts on the domain name registration, he noted that "it'll sure as hell make grafitto-tagging the bathroom walls of Joe's Place with our URL a less time-consuming task."

The newly-domained is expected to launch sometime in the next few weeks.